Icons: Mother of God

The Virgin Mary Theotokos of Tenderness
For such as thou art a well spring
of tenderness O Theotokos,
make us worthy of compassion.
Look upon us sinful people;
Manifest thy power as ever,
for hoping on thee we cry aloud onto thee:
Hail! as once did Gabriel.

The Virgin Of the Sign
Troparion Tone 4
You are an impregnable wall and a fortress
a source of miracles
enabling us to subdue enemy attacks,
O Mother of God.
Wherefore we pray to you,
grant peace to the world and great mercy to our souls

O Champion Leader to thee,
we offer songs of victory and praise
in thanksgiving as ones rescued out of sufferings,
O Theotokos: but as thou art invincible,
save us from all dangers and deliver us,
that we may cry to thee: Rejoice, O Unwedded Bride!

The Virgin Mary Theotokos of Konivitz
More honorable than the Cherubim,
and more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim.
Without defilement you gave birth to God the Word.
True Theotokos, we magnify you.

The Virgin Mary Theotokos Sweet Kissing
Today the Virgin stands in the midst of the Church
and with choirs of saints she invisibly prays to God for us.
Angels and bishops worship,
apostles and prophets rejoice together,
Since for our sake she prays to the pre-eternal God.